Twnkls at Europort 2013 overview

From 5 – 8 November 2013, one of the world’s leading maritime events, Europort 2013, took place  in the world port city of Rotterdam.
Twnkls was present to demonstrate their Augmented Reality Enterprise Solutions for the Maritime Industry.

With two proof of concepts at our booth we demonstrated how AR can be used for training and educating as well as for marketing and sales. By launching an iPad application visitors could discover and learn about different components and usages of a Yanmar Diesel Fuel Pump. It magically showed, in a step by step way, how to execute maintenance and repair operations on the component.

We also had a Kotug shipmodel on which we demonstrated how complex things (such as technical drawings) can be made easy by creating an interactive Augmented Reality application. With our application users can easily learn about all the different safety features by using his iPad as the Magic Lens.

Our high end Augmented Reality solutions for maintenance and repair provide information and 3D interactive virtual instructions to real machine parts, and use innovative and sophisticated technology such as 3D image recognition. Twnkls will also demonstrate their Augmented Reality Solutions for Safety and Familiarization, which can be used for training and educational purposes.

As the leading full service Augmented Reality agency, Twnkls is developing rich applications for mobile and tablets and wearable devices such as META Augmented Reality Glasses, Google Glass and the Oculus Rift.


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