Outdoor Augmented Reality: Museum at the Market

For the town Spijkenisse (nearby Rotterdam), we’ve made an app (Museum op de Markt) and a special viewer to visualize the old square and tell stories about the past at Spijkenisse. This April the app has been launched for the App store and Google Play (soon). The special Augmented Reality viewer will be installed at the square in May/ June. There will be a festive opening of the square with the viewer and the app in the week of June the 24th.

The Viewer

With the special Augmented Reality Viewer, visitors can watch the square as it is right now, but also how the square looked like in the 1950′s. A special 3D layer will be placed over the normal view, and so people can see a blend of the old and new town square. Nowadays the square is empty and rebuild (only the old church remained), but in the past there were houses here where the villagers used to live. Also there were a farm and the Spijkstaal factory where they made cars and car accessoires.

The app

The app is an extension of the viewer. With the app you can learn and see even more about the old square. At the square lay special tiles with images that visitors can scan with the app. A special guide leads you through all the special places at the square and tells you stories about the hard life in the 1950′s, how the people used to live here, what they did to earn a living, how Spijkenisse as a city became larger and so on. You get an insight at the life on the square and you learn some facts about the town and its people. The houses and artefacts are visualized with special Augmented Reality 3D animation. You can download the app for iOS and Android.

Museum op de Markt

Scan a tile and see how the old square comes alive

See & hear stories about the old houses

See & hear stories about the old houses

Augmented Reality: an interesting blend of the past and the present

Augmented Reality: an interesting blend of the past and the present

With the viewer and the app we realised a unique project that is both informative as entertaining and gives a unique sight at an old square that has changed a lot during time.


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