Augmented Reality Technology

TWNKLS is a leading pioneer in augmented reality and computer vision. Because we create our own tracking and recognition technologies as well as creating mobile solutions TWNKLS can offer advanced AR solutions for the most demanding situations. Our expertise also includes IT, real time 3D, and online projects.
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Client in the spotlight

Ikea Place
IKEA Place is  the world’s most successful non-game AR application. Read what has driven IKEA to fully focus on AR.
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Empower your operator

The TWNKLS STAR Platform is designed for clients that want to give their operators in the field more freedom in their work. Whether it’s a police officer, paramedic, maintenance engineer or sales rep, the AR technologies have been built to provide the operator with detailed and accurate information, quickly and conveniently.
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To strengthen our team we are looking for talents in the field of augmented reality. Do you have the same passion for AR as we do? View our open positions now.

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